• 1Foundations of Multinational Financial Management , Shapiro Alan C. (2004)
    All too often, companies focus on the threats and risks inherent in venturing abroad. But multinational firms actually have opportunities that are not available to purely domestic firms. This work… 5461 руб

  • 2A Briefer History of Time , Stephen Hawking (2008)
    Stephen Hawking's worldwide bestseller, "A Brief History of Time", has been a landmark volume in scientific writing. Its author's engaging voice is one reason, and the compelling subjects he… 887 руб

  • 3414 Geometric Designs and Motifs (+ CD-ROM) (2006)
    Over 400 original, black-and-white, attention-getting graphics that pop, recede, and shimmer. Circles, squares, ellipses, curves, lines, and angles create unique visual effects that are at times… 1772 руб

  • 4The Early History of the Hebrews , A. H. Sayce (1897)
    1897. The noted archaeologist, A. H. Sayce, attempts to write a history of Israel from a purely archaeological point of view. Contents: The Hebrew Patriarchs; The Composition of the Pentateuch; The… 1321 руб

  • 5Idea-ology , Stanley Hainsworth (2010)
    Great design is something that makes you pause and think. That's because there is a pure concept behind that design. Without a strong concept, design is merely an arrangement of elements within the… 2485 руб

  • 6Small Scale: Creative Solutions for Better City Living , Keith Moskow (2010)
    Think big, design small. This is the rallying cry of a new generation of architects and artists who aim to improve the lives of city-dwellers through small-scale public design projects. Using the… 3345 руб

  • 7Daido Moriyama , Nishi Kazuo (2012)
    Born in 1938 and brought up for a short while in Osaka, Japan, Daido Moriyama spent much of his childhood on the move, due to his father's profession as a travelling insurance salesman. Moriyama… 998 руб

  • 8A History of the World in Twelve Maps , Brotton Jerry (2013)
    Throughout history, maps have been fundamental in shaping our view of the world, and our place in it. But far from being purely scientific objects, maps of the world are unavoidably ideological and… 978 руб

  • 9Новый стратегический союз. Россия и Европа перед вызовами XXI века: возможности «большой сделки» , Тимофей Бордачёв (2009)
    Это не публицистика, а серьезное исследование истории, текущего состояния и возможностей развития… 49.9 руб электронная книга

  • 10Language in Use Pre-Intermediate: Self-study Workbook with Answer Key , Adrian Doff, Christopher Jones (2000)
    "Language in Use" is now available complete in four levels. The highly acclaimed approach of the recently published Beginner level is now continued in this new edition of Pre-intermediate. This fully… 579 руб